About Us

Our company

Aiming to satisfy our customers, we import a broad range of high-quality products by top international companies and collaborate with the leading retail chains in Greece to bring them to the consumer. We invest in mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers, remaining committed to the values and principles shared by both the Hatziathanassiou and Papaellinas families.

Throughout the years we have established an extended network of partners and merchants across Greece. Consumers can find our products in super-markets, small chains, wholesale outlets, hotels, restaurants.

Our company steadily invests in its growth, adopting new technologies, upgrading ISO standards and improving its processes. Our primary goal is to optimize the efficiency of our customer-service while selecting and distributing products that are leaders in their respective categories.

In the beginning of 2016, committed to their plans for evolution, growth and progress, Constantine Hatziathanassiou Ltd. opted for a strategic partnership with the Costas Papaellinas Group of Companies. The Group has been a key player in both the Greek and Cypriot markets for several decades, focusing on the distribution of top quality products in the health, personal care, beauty and – as of now – food sectors.

Our philosophy

We select leading international companies and reliable local partners. Our objective is to offer high-quality products to the final consumer while ensuring mutually beneficial business relationships.

Our values

We believe in quality and rely on honesty and mutuality. We cultivate trust and transparency while investing, systematically, in innovation; we strive to maintain the balance between technology and the human factor.

Our principles

People are our top priority: business partners, collaborators, clients, employees, consumers. We pursue the success of our business without ever compromising, neither quality nor our people-centric approach.


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